Ranking of my on-the-road style around the world

The life of a city is usually reflected in its means of movement. So, for a light-hearted post, I decide to rank different modes of moving that I have mostly enjoyed throughout my life. And ta-da:

#1. Walking like a boss.

#2. Biking like an Aggie or a copenhagenized  visitor.

#3. Hopping onto a means of public transportation, including airplanes, so someone could do the work of moving myself for me.

#4. Driving around during no-traffic time, and with good music. What a sense of freedom.

#5. And last, trying to get around in Sai Gon – HCMC and being amazed that I’m still alive afterward.

And, here are the pictures, which I have to keep separated from the respective rankings  because it seems the blog post appears inconsistently in different browsers. 

1b. A stroll on Strøget in Copenhagen and people watching. This is local and tourist well balance.
1a. A discovery of some ever sacred German bike lanes in Hamburg. Yes, try to get yelled at by a German cyclist and you know what I mean.



2b.Me enjoying a ride of full speed along with automobiles on the next-by boulevard in Copenhagen, Denmark
2a.Me enjoying a recreational ride during a Thanksgiving season where everyone escaped the Cow Town of Davis, California. (finally a picture of myself)



3a.Bus in Stockholm just proves some privileges of pedestrians
3b.Self-serving and expensive metro in Copenhagen [a side note, for some reasonable distances, I’d rather getting on my bike under typical Danish weather (consistently unpredictably bad) than to hop on these or trains and buses]


4.Me debating if I should escape the USA for Mexico


5.Walking in HCMC is rarely a pleasant experience. To put it nicely.

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